Ideas for Making the Bed the Centerpiece of Your Bedroom Décor

You browse those home decor and home furnishings stores and perhaps you can picture your bed as well as they arrange it. You see magazines, Pinterest and maybe dream of seeing your perfect bedroom, as if you had the advice of a professional decorator. If that’s you, we have great news! We are here to tell you that making the bed and making it the main piece of your decorating is possible by following a few tips. Choosing bedding correctly, strategically placing pillows and blankets, and adding a touch of aroma are just a few.

Let’s take a look at how to make your bed a professional one, with style and elegance for your room!

Choose the Right Headboard for Your Bed

The idea is to have a decorative style line with a lot of harmony. The texture of the headboard will mark this style. For example, it can be rustic wood, following a boho chic or natural trend; if you opt for modern and industrial, add metallic touches and busy textures; On the other hand, if you want something more classic, opt for a plain headboard.

Also, pay attention to the size detail so that it is consistent with the space available in your room. You can complement this with a round mirror above the headboard to give light and space.

The Perfect Bedding

It all depends on your personal taste and preferences. Make sure it matches the overall look of the room. You can choose between plain and patterned; but always look for light tones to bring light and a clean feeling. Avoid strident and exaggerated patterns or designs, they have no style and reduce the perception of space.

If you want your bed to look like a professional’s, decorate it following the color scheme of the whole room. Don’t think of the bed as a stand-alone element, that “nothing is going on…”, professional decorators always look for everything to be in harmony.

A Wrinkled Sheet Is Not Beautiful to See

Do you know what else makes the difference between a professionally made bed? The details, and in this case, it is that the visible sheets or comforters must be impeccable, without wrinkles, it is essential.

To save labor and energy, buy sheets made of fabrics that do not wrinkle easily. Another detail? The scent, the aromas that evoke freshness and cleanliness.

It’s true, there are different deodorizers and fabric scents on the market. Just choose the one you like best and apply it to your pillows and sheets every morning.

 Now It’s the Pillows’ Turn

Always match the larger pillows with the comforter. You can place them in the back, next to the headboard, and then if you put the daily pillows. Then complement them with other smaller, more decorative pillows.

The number of pillows on the bed is up to you. Now, if you like, you can follow this recommendation of 3 layers: 3 different large pillows, 2 of the same size and color, and a final layer with a smaller pillow. This looks like a classic pattern in that they are placed in order of size, from largest to smallest.

If you want to be more risky, you can make rows of 4-5 cushions on three levels. Note that this works on larger beds.

Decorative Blankets and Covers on Your Bed

To make your bed like a professional decorator would, there is a trendy element that helps to give that touch of elegance, it is blankets and covers as footboards. And where is it placed? Right where the feet are in the bed, in that lower space.

The blanket can be yarn, velvet, with different textures; it all depends on the style of decoration you are using! You can combine the shades and patterns of the blankets with the pillows and cushions; also lay the blanket in one of the corners of the bed for the final chic touch.

There you are! Do you have some ideas of your own to decorate the bedroom? Share them with us in the comments below.

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