The Best DIY Home Décor Blogs for Interior Inspiration

The Best DIY Home Décor Blogs for Interior Inspiration

If you are good at DIY decoration stuff, you’ll love discovering the following DIY home décor blogs.

Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 DecoratingThe founder of Addicted 2 Decorating is an incredible woman named Kristi Linauer. She started decorating and renovating her home by herself since her husband has multiple sclerosis (MS) and was unable to help her with any physical work. As she started on her journey, she discovered a lot of interesting things about DIY stuff and she shares them all on her blog. From artwork and wall décor to room makeovers, outdoor projects and window treatments, you’ll learn everything there is to know about DIY remodeling and decorating with Kristi. She is a real DIY fanatic and she has gone through so many DIY projects that you can say she is now a pro at remodeling master bedrooms and fixing floors and ceilings.

In fact, it’ll be interesting to know that Addicted 2 Decorating is even a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, which is a type of advertising program created to provide a means for websites and blogs to earn advertising fees.

People Reviews:

People Reviews“Kim was a burst of energy and helpfulness when I was feeling overwhelmed! She came over and staged the house when we were away. In a short amount of time, she cleared the clutter and made the house look amazing. She was respectful of our things and understood the needs of a family. When we got home, we were all so happy with our spaces and the organization. Now it’s hard to put the house on the market because we want to stay here!! Kim was responsive, flexible and was happy to be here. She made this overwhelming task super easy for me and she is really good at what she does. I highly recommend Addicted to Decor!” – From Melanie

“Kim was a joy to work with.  She has great ideas and is quick to make decisions.  I am a realtor and she has helped with two client recently.  Both were staging a home to sell, one using her furniture and another using my clients furniture.  Her staging furniture brought a vacant home to life and helped it sell in a couple days after being on the market for over a month.  The other home had great furniture, just too much for going on the market.  She was kind while working with my sellers and the husband said I like this better than how we had been living in the home! In either situation you can’t go wrong hiring Kim.” –From Cyndi

“All I can say is that Kim is truly amazing. Having lived in our home for six years it needed something. I invited Kim to spend an hour touring around helping me to reimagine the space. She truly listens and came up with ideas that reenergized the space. I have better flow and am more confident in its decor.

 I bought a few new pieces but mostly she helped me rearrange my furniture. Such a fun time and everyday when I walk in I smile. Hire her!! You won’t regret it.” – From Patty

“Words cannot express how impressed I have been with Kim McCormick and her design work. She is absolutely phenomenal! Her professionalism, attention to detail and sincere interest in meeting her customers requirements are unmatched in the industry.

We have used Kim on multiple occasions… for 1)staging a house we were selling , due to Kim’s work it sold in a few days and we got multiple offers 2)remodeling a house and 3)doing the design work for an investment property we were flipping. I would highly recommend Kim and Addicted 2 Decor. My husband and I count our blessings we found her. She is the best and always exceeds our expectations!!!” – From Sandra



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