Homemade Crafts for Kids with Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are a staple for all DIY enthusiasts. They can be molded, cut and glued, they come in an almost infinite variety of colors… In short, you can do almost anything with them. They’re perfect for kids to let their imaginations run wild when making crafts, and in this post we’ll show you some very cool ones.

Hanging Jellyfish

Hanging jellyfish with pipe cleaners

This craft is perfect to give a fun and colorful touch to the ceiling of the little ones’ room. Moreover, it is very easy to make. For the head of the jellyfish, you’ll need to paint a Styrofoam half-sphere and glue two plastic eyes to it. For the tentacles, crimp pipe cleaners and glue them into the Styrofoam. Finally, place a wire with a nail on the base and… you already have your jellyfish ready to hang.

Articulated Superheroes

Spiderman, Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. All these characters have fascinated children and young people for generations with their tricks and superpowers. You can make your own at home: Take pipe cleaners and attach them in the shape of the superhero’s body, then decorate the limbs with beads and pieces of paper straws according to the pattern you like best. The head will be made with a larger wooden bead, on which you will paint the superhero’s hair and mask. Finally, cut out some felt to make the character’s cape.

Dragonflies with Pipe Cleaners

dragonflies craft

It is very easy to obtain dragonfly figures with which you can decorate any space. With only pipe cleaners, beads and plastic eyes, you can create fun figures. However, we invite you to let your imagination run wild and experiment with different materials. For example, we love the idea on the right that uses clothespins.

Pipe Cleaner Dragons

This idea requires a little more patience and practice than the others, but the result can be very true to life and become any child’s new favorite toy. Grab several colored pipe cleaners, a piece of cardboard, glue, scissors and… start experimenting!

Christmas Decoration for Glass Containers

Get into the Christmas spirit and turn glasses, bottles and Mason jars into cute Santa reindeer. You can decorate your Christmas parties or get kids excited about drinking even what they don’t like. It’s super easy, and all you’ll need are brown pipe cleaners, a red pompom for the reindeer’s nose and two plastic eyes.

Monkeys to Decorate Pencils

There are few friendlier animals than monkeys. You can make one out of pipe cleaners and beads, and have it “climb” on a pencil or pen, making kids’ homework much more bearable.

Decorate Pens with Animals

Decoration of pencils with pipe cleaners

As in the previous idea, you can decorate pens with any type of animal you can think of, all you need are colored pipe cleaners, small pom-poms, plastic eyes, scissors, glue and… you’re ready to start experimenting and creating whatever shapes come to mind!

Pipe Cleaner Puppets

Kids will also enjoy making their own animal or character puppets, which they can then act out in their own puppet shows or participate in an exciting puppet show with their friends.

Dreamcatcher for the Bedroom Ceiling

This is one of our favorite ideas. Once the base of the dream catcher is created from pipe cleaners, you can customize it with anything you can think of: feathers, Eva rubber, beads, buttons, bangs, threads…

Rainbow Magnets

Bring life to your fridge or any metal object you have at home with this colorful idea. All you need is a pipe cleaner in each of the 7 colors of the rainbow, some felt or cotton to represent the clouds, some magnets and a little glue. Easy and pretty!

Pipe Cleaner Aliens

These mysterious yet fun alien characters can be a fun decoration for the little ones’ room… You can reuse Kinder eggs, rolls of hair… The limit is your imagination. We suggest you take inspiration from the characters in the movie Monsters, Inc.

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Flowers to decorate, to offer… They are among the most beautiful elements of nature and children love them. You can make several and put them in a vase.

Toy Glasses

What child has never played with fake glasses? You can make your own with pipe cleaners, and mix as many colors as you like.

We encourage you to try all of these crafts as a family, as the benefits of this type of project are well known: they increase creativity, imagination, concentration, improve psychomotor skills and the ability to work in teams… Tell us what your favorite craft is and discover these craft ideas for creative kids.

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