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Trial expired – Skalp for SketchUp – 1.x – Introduction

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Sketchup pro 2017 trial user expired free.Medeek Wall


Foundation Width required Width of building, defined by first two selected points, typically given in feet. Foundation Length required Length of building, defined by the second and third selection points, typically given in feet.

Footing Width required Width of the bottom of the thickened edge footing in inches. Slab Thickness required Thickness of the concrete slab in inches, typical values for residential construction is four to six inches. Foundation Depth required Sets the overall depth of the foundation from the top of the slab to the bottom of the footing in inches.

Garage Curb optional This option allows one to specify a garage curb that projects above the slab. Additional parameters and options are available for other foundation and footing types. The trial version of the extension has all the features of the full extension however the width and length of the foundation or footing may be limited to a specific range of values.

The trial version is also time limited to a thirty day period from the date of installation. Once the trial period has expired you will no longer be able to create new foundations however you can edit any existing foundations and features. If you are a material supplier or vendor interested in advertising within the extension please contact us at sales medeek. We strongly encourage downloading, installing and actually using the trial version of the extension prior to committing to the purchase of a license.

This will allow you to accurately assess the capabilities of the extension and determine whether or not it fits within your workflow. The permanent license or version of the extension is an unrestricted, full, and permanent license for both commercial and personal use.

The number of installations per licensed copy is not limited, however the license can only be concurrently utilized on up to 3 separate machines. Free upgrades to the latest version of the extension can be downloaded at any time, within one year of the purchase date, by logging into the Account Manager. Please note, an active license is not required to continue to use the extension.

The extension will continue to function even if the license expires. The only reason to renew your license is to gain access to recent upgrades to the extension and also enable unlimited phone and email support. Please do not redistribute unlicensed copies of the extension. Download of the extension is available immediately after purchase. Please login to the Account Manager to download the most up-to-date version of the extension.

If you purchase the extension through a qualified reseller you may be eligible for a discount off of the full purchase price. Please contact one our resellers for more details. The subscription license or version of the extension is also an unrestricted full license for both commercial and personal use.

Once the subscription has expired the extension will not longer have full functionality and the purchase of a new subscription is required to continue to use the extension with its full capabilities. An active subscription also includes unlimited phone and email support.

The mdkBIM suite combines all three extensions Wall, Truss and Foundation into one convenient package that can be purchased at a fairly sizable discount. The mdkBIM suite includes the full permanent version of all three extensions and will also include any future add-on plugins or modules. Free upgrades to the latest versions of all three extensions can be downloaded at any time, within one year of the initial purchase date, by logging into the Account Manager.

Once the initial one year license period has expired the licenses for each extension are renewed separately at their current renewal prices. For professors, teachers, instructors and students requesting a fully functioning educational licensed copy of the extension s for educational use, please setup a Client Profile here and then send your request via email to support medeek.

Once we have received your proof of enrollment ie. Since most educational licenses are not intended to be a long term solution for students there is no educational discounted license renewal path, however one can renew any educational license just as one would renew a regular permanent license at the regular renewal pricing. Permanent license renewals for instructors and teachers is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact support medeek. You have 14 days from the date of purchase to request a refund for your Medeek subscription or permanent license. After 14 days, you cannot obtain a full or partial refund.

The entries in the selection list are not necessarily in the same order in which the user selected them. The default datum is WGS Operations in SketchUp are sequential and cannot be nested. If you start a new Ruby operation while another is still open, you will implicitly close the first one. Make sure to provide a user friendly name for your operation. Starting with SketchUp 7. It’s left to false for default for compatibility reasons. This can result in much faster Ruby code execution if the operation involves updating the model in any way.

This flag is a highly difficult one, since there are so many ways that a SketchUp user can interrupt a given operation with one of their own. Use extreme caution and test thoroughly when setting this to true. This is particularly useful for creating observers that react to user actions without littering the undo stack with extra steps that Ruby is performing.

The tile method retrieves the name of the model. If the model is saved on disk, returns the file name without extension. Otherwise returns an empty string. Determine if a model is a valid Sketchup::Model object. Returns false if the model has been closed. This is useful on the mac where one can have multiple models open at the same time. In such a case, this method can tell you if the user has closed the model before you perform operations on it. Index M » Sketchup » Model.

Examples: Grab a handle to the currently active model aka the one the user is looking at in SketchUp. This method retrieves an Array of all of the datums recognized by SketchUp. The modified? The path method retrieves the path of the file from which the model was opened. This method sets the datum used in conversions between the internal coordinate system and UTM.

The default layer in SketchUp is layer 0. Parameters: layer Sketchup::Layer — The layer to be set as the active layer. Note: Since changing the active entities in SketchUp also changes what coordinate system is used, entities can’t be modified in the same operation as the active entities changes. If the API user tries to do this: model. Examples: Open an instance. Passing nil or an empty array will close all open instances.

Parameters: note String — A string note. Parameters: observer Object — An observer. Parameters: name String — The name of the dictionary you are attempting to retrieve.

Examples: Point for a rectangle. Otherwise they would be local to the model origin. Examples: Sketchup. The returned description can be empty. The default description for all models is empty. Parameters: description String — the description string to be set.

Examples: Traversing every visible entity in the model. Format Support Changes: SketchUp 7. Examples: General use. Parameters: path String — The name of the file to export.

Parameters: path String — The path to save the export at. Examples: if model. Parameters: dictname String — The name of the dictionary containing the value.

Examples: Import for SketchUp and older. Parameters: path String — The input file path. Note: This variant is for SketchUp and earlier. Examples: Draw a point in Boulder, Colorado Parameters: mipmap Boolean — whether mipmapping is turned on or off.

Parameters: name String. Previews of the extension during its recent development can be viewed here. The following video tutorials are currently available on YouTube: Introduction – The Vision min. Tutorial 1 – Extension Overview min. Tutorial 2 – Drawing Walls min. Tutorial 3 – Beams and Columns min.

Tutorial 4 – Wall Presets min. Tutorial 5 – Multi-Story Construction min. Tutorial 6 – Custom Material Library min. Tutorial 7 – Stairs min. Tutorial 8 – Gable Wall Workaround [Deprecated] min. Tutorial 9 – Split Wall Tool min. Tutorial 10 – Posts min. Tutorial 11 – Split Wall Cladding min. Tutorial 12 – Blocking min.

Tutorial 13 – Stretch Wall Tool min. Tutorial 14 – Join Wall Tool min. Tutorial 15 – Quoins min. Tutorial 16 – Garage Doors min.

Tutorial 18 – Gable Walls min. Tutorial 19 – Moldings min. Tutorial 20 – Trapezoid and Pentagon Windows min. Tutorial 21 – 3D Cladding min. Tutorial 22 – Wall Copy Tool min. Tutorial 23 – Wall Corners min. Tutorial 24 – Custom Libraries min. Tutorial 25 – Rainscreens min. Tutorial 26 – Shearwalls min. Tutorial 27 – Staggered Stud Walls min. Tutorial 28 – Estimating Preview min. Tutorial 29 – Why a Wall Plugin? Tutorial 30 – Double Brick Walls min. These videos are typically longer than the standard tutorial videos and usually involve the modeling of an entire architectural structure with all of the mdkBIM extensions: mdkBIM Tutorial 1 : Modeling a Two Car Detached Garage min.

Sample SketchUp models related to these tutorials and training sessions can be downloaded here. View the Medeek Wall Manual Under Construction for detailed information on the extension and its usage.

Translation of the user inteface is currently under development. View the Medeek Wall Changlog for more information on updates to this extension. The extension will automatically check for an updated version once a month. The frequency of the “check for updates” can be set in the global settings or disabled entirely. For a more in depth look at the development of the extension and related discussions please visit the Medeek Forum.

The user may encounter unintended behavior due to the addition of new features on a daily basis. Always backup your data to separate file names to provide redundancy in case of file corruption or other data loss scenarios. If you have any questions or concerns about the Medeek Wall extension please call us at Medeek Engineering extends a special thanks to the individuals, companies and organizations that continue to support us in the ongoing development of the Medeek SketchUp Extensions:.

Larry E. Belk Designs. A Certified Professional Designer with the American Institute of Building Design, Larry Belk has been active in the home building and design industry for over 30 years. He is the recipient of several national design awards and a member of the National Home Builders Association. He is also a licensed Building Contractor and Interior Designer. ClearPlan Modeling. Bob McCarter, the principle behind ClearPlan Modeling, has over three decades of on-site experience in custom home building combined with advanced skills in 3D modeling software.

Their services include architectural design and drafting, interior design and decorating, site planning, and home modeling. They now live and work in West Virginia providing design services for both new homes, vacation homes and cabins, and remodeling projects, and farmhouse rehabs. Medeek Truss.


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