10 Ideas to Decorate Your Small Balcony

A balcony is a valuable asset that can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to landscaping. Fortunately, there are many well-thought-out tips to transform this exterior into a real living space that is cozy, comfortable and practical to the max! For example, what to do if the surface area is small? Follow the guide to make the most of your small balcony.

Your apartment can offer you a new reception room if you have a balcony. This small additional area offers great design potential. To enjoy lunches in the sun, opt for a mini lounge and a folding table, the ideal duo for an XXS space. Alternatively, you can arrange your balcony in the café terrace style with a colourful table and folding chairs.

1. Changing the floor of your balcony

Often unattractive, balcony floors made of concrete or tiles lack character. To add a touch of glamour and comfort, several options are possible: wooden gratings for a “terrace” effect, fake lawn to introduce the concept of a mini-garden or outdoor carpets for a resolutely trendy decorative touch.

For small, long balconies, don’t hesitate to break up the row by arranging different areas (eating, relaxing, gardening, etc.) and mixing floor coverings.

2. Use cushions

For a comfortable exterior, multiply the cushions and combine colours and materials. As a backrest, add other cushion models in smaller sizes and with a variety of designs. In no time at all, you will transform your small balcony into a cocooning space dedicated to relaxation.

3. Install a removable dining area

A successful design for a small balcony often depends on the furniture chosen. To make the most of the space without losing practicality, set up a nice folding table with folding chairs or stools. Shade the colours to add dynamism and cheerfulness to the atmosphere.

4. Give depth

By definition, a small balcony lacks space. To give your exterior a sense of depth, install a large mirror or several medium-sized mirrors on the side walls. Guaranteed effect!

5. Illuminate the railing

To give a festive touch and enjoy a soft light, opt for a light garland that you will fix to the railing. During the day, it will add lovely notes of colour to your decoration and at night, it will diffuse a very pleasant subdued light.

6. Transforming the railing

Would you like to take full advantage of the view from your small balcony? Transform your railing into an outdoor bar by installing shelves to hang directly on the railing. Add a few designer stools and you’re done.

7. Install wall-mounted planters

To dress the walls in an original way and integrate green and flowering plants on your small balcony, wall planters are ideal. For an optimal result, multiply the pots and, for plants, play the diversity card.

8. Decorate the walls

Install a trellis on one of the balcony walls. If you wish to leave it naked, as a simple trompe l’oeil, choose a design with graphic lines instead. This room alone will set the tone for your decoration. If you wish to plant it, the wicker, wood, stainless steel, etc. trellises will be of the most beautiful effect.

9. Planting the space

Plants yes, but properly installed! Rather than invading the floor space with a lot of potted plants, work on the vertical supports at your disposal: hang planters on the railing for flowering plants, position high and thin rectangular containers along the walls for grasses, and bet on an XXL container so that a beautiful fruit tree can blossom. Don’t hesitate to play with the heights and volumes of the plantings.

10. Hanging a chair

Create an airy atmosphere on your balcony by installing a trendy hanging chair. Although imposing, this type of seating is perfectly suited to small areas because it frees up floor space. The centrepiece of your balcony’s decoration, it will blend in perfectly with any atmosphere: bohemian-chic for the rattan models, contemporary for the resin models or design for the Plexiglas models.

Hope the above homemade tips help you to create your cozy little balcony. Remember to share your experience in the comment section below.

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