Creative Ways to Jazz Up Your Tabletops with Flair

It might seem silly to devote an entire post to tabletop vignettes, but believe it or not, these stylish arrangements of art and items (on tables, shelves, credenzas, and more) can play a surprisingly crucial role in a room. While many of us simply clutter our tabletops, this piece of furniture deserves a lot more limelight, attention, and decoration that its accustomed to. They are an affordable way to bring character, charm, and life to any space. And sprucing them up will definitely inject a beautiful, sophisticated flair to your room, making it more inviting.

You don’t need to be a mathematical genius with a degree in design to add a dash of pizzazz to your vignette! Simply have a look at the following and let the magic begin! 

Choose the Perfect Spot!

Adding some zest to your tabletop will have some significance only if the table is located in a spot with visibility. It’s pointless embellishing a tabletop with stylish ornaments if they’re situated in a hidden corner of your room. Choose the location and surface correctly, ensuring both the table and the décor items get the required amount of attention without necessarily dominating the room’s décor. And yes, not every surface in your space needs a carefully crafted vignette, either – you don’t want every part of your room to get too cluttered, do you? Therefore pick a spot that won’t be a focal point in the room but will complement the rest of the room’s style.

Fill It With Meaningful Stuff You Love

Don’t decorate a vignette just for the sake of decorating it. Simply throwing some stuff on it won’t make the vignette attractive or exciting. You’ll need to decorate it with meaningful things you genuinely cherish. These decorations will make the space cozier and grow on you as time passes by. 

Opt for Organic and Living Materials

Of course, the table vignette will look great with all those books, dolls, and other stuff. But the only way it will achieve a sense of personalization and life is if you choose to add something alive to it. Placing a leafy plant on the table vignette will revitalize your space within seconds. However, don’t opt for a large plant that would overshadow the other items on the vignette. A small succulent, an air plant, or even a dried arrangement can add life to a vignette.

Add Some Light

Another charming option for a vignette is a light source. Adding a candle, lamp, or lantern to the tabletop will serve two purposes. One, it will lighten up the entire space. And two, it would make the room look warm enough to huddle into on a cold winter day. But feel free to get creative and use a string of lights if you’d like.

Vary Heights and Layers

What’s more interesting than having a couple of items placed on a tabletop? Unless you want your room to look like a store, don’t use objects of uniform height or line them up in a row! Consider playing with different sizes and layers to create the desired impact. Spread them out in all directions and arrange them differently to achieve a look that reflects your style.

Not Too Cluttered, Not Too Sparse

A sparsely decorated vignette will look empty while a cluttered one will look noisy and overpowering. So stay away from both extremes and opt for a moderately decorated vignette instead. Look around the rest of the room for pointers. If the rest of the room follows a minimal décor, consider using no more than three objects for your tabletop decoration. On the other hand, if the rest of the room follows an energetic look, you can consider adding some more items to the vignette to help it blend in.

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