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Top 5 Bag-less Vacuum Cleaners

The bag-less vacuum cleaner has become a must-have in the family of vacuum cleaners. If you need to replace your unit, a bag-less version may be of interest to you. To help you see more clearly among the offer, Home made tips has elaborated a comparison of the 5 best bag-less vacuum cleaners based on customer opinions gathered on the most serious web sites. A top that takes into account the quality/price ratio, but also the popularity of the product, the returns and opinions of those who bought the product and its intrinsic characteristics (power, autonomy…). All you have to do is compare!

Comparison of the 5 best bagless vacuum cleaners

ModelDC33C DysonRebel25HE Dirt DevilVC7 nero DuronicPower Pro Expert FC9723/09 PhilipsVC3 Kärcher
PricenanananaStarting at
Power750 W700 W800 W650 W700 W
Sound level84 dB79 dB78 dB76 dB76 dB
Capacity2 litres2,7 litres0,7 L2 L0,6 L
Weight7,5 kg4,9 Kg1,5 Kg5,3 Kg5,9 Kg

1. DC33C from Dyson: suitable for a large number of floors, from tiles to parquet and carpet

Dyson’s DC33C is the champion in its class and is earning good points. It’s renowned for its exceptional suction power, the strength of its materials is widely recognized and its 2-liter capacity makes it easy to maintain your home, even on very large surfaces. It is supplied with a whole arsenal of brushes that makes it suitable for a large number of floors, from tiles to parquet and carpet. The only downside is its somewhat high weight (7.5 kg), which could cool some of you down, especially if you live in a multi-story house.

Suction powerWeight (7.5 kg)
Container capacity (2 L)

2. Rebel25HE from Dirt Devil: remarkable suction capacity

The Home made tips selection continues with another great reference of bag-less vacuum cleaners, the Rebel25HE from Dirt Devil. This unit is sold at a reasonable price and has many advantages, starting with its remarkable suction capacity. The volume of its container is also particularly attractive: up to 2.7 liters of dust can be stored in the unit. The accessories that come with this bag-less vacuum cleaner, from the floor brush to the clip-on nozzles, are very useful and are described by the vast majority of users as very useful.

Competitive priceFragile accessories
Container capacity (2.7 L)

3. VC7 Nero from Duronic: A small but strong bag-less vacuum cleaner

To complete the top trio, Home made tips has selected Duronic’s VC7 nero. A bag-less vacuum cleaner at an unbeatable price (barely thirty dollars), this device is extremely reliable. With a capacity of 0.7 liters, it is particularly suitable for small and medium surfaces. It is lightweight (only 2.1 kg), and easy to handle which makes it ideal for the elderly. A godsend for small purses, all the more so since its many users say it is durable and not subject to mechanical problems.

Unbeatable priceLow container capacity (0.7 L)
Lightweight (2.1 kg)

4. Power Pro Expert FC9723/09 Philips

With a design that is both sober and futuristic, this vacuum cleaner is one of the best-selling products of the famous Philips brand. Renowned for its excellent suction power and low noise level, this bag-less vacuum cleaner is one of the best in its category. Not to be overlooked, it has a 10 m long power cable, which allows it to have an above-average range of action. Accessories include a crevice tool and two small brushes, making the Power Pro Expert one of the best bag-less vacuum cleaners on the market.

Unbeatable priceLow container capacity (0.7 L)
Lightweight (2.1 kg)

5. Kärcher VC3: the 100% efficient bag-less vacuum cleaner

The famous German brand expert in high-pressure cleaning also manufactures vacuum cleaners. And the VC3 does not contradict the very solid reputation of Kärcher appliances. With its remarkable suction power that can be easily adjusted, it’s still quiet. It weighs however 5.9 kg. and have a small container capacity (0.6 liters), which makes it more suitable for use on small surfaces.

Suction powerLow container capacity (0.6 L)
SilencerHeavyweight 5.9kg

Comparison of bag-less vacuum cleaners

Before making your final choice, here is a little reminder of the criteria to consider in order to make the right choice for your bag-less vacuum cleaner.

Suction power

It goes without saying that the suction power of a vacuum cleaner, whether bag-less or not, remains one of the major characteristics to be taken into account. It is indeed the power that will determine the efficiency of your vacuum cleaner.

The capacity of the container

This is the second most important criterion, after suction power. The capacity of the bin, expressed in liters, indicates how much dust and debris your bag-less vacuum cleaner can store without you having to empty it every week. A 2-liter bin is generally recognized as an ideal capacity bin for home cleaning.

The weight

The weight of a vacuum cleaner will determine its maneuverability. So, if you have to move the appliance or carry it regularly, prefer a vacuum cleaner that does not exceed 6 kg. Note, however, that an above-average weight can be a guarantee of robustness; an appliance made of materials known for their solidity will inevitably weigh more than one made of low-end plastic.

Hope the above helps you out in making the right choice of vacuum cleaner. If you are also looking for hand vacuum cleaners, you can read further on Tips on Choosing a Hand Vacuum Cleaner.

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