Tips on Choosing a Hand Vacuum Cleaner

To pick up everyday dirt in the blink of an eye, the hand vacuum cleaner is the ideal device! But nowadays, the number of hand vacuums is such that choosing the best device can be a real headache. To help you see more clearly, in this new publication, we’ve put together a comparison of the best hand vacuums based on customer reviews meticulously gathered from the most serious online retailers. A review that takes into account the quality/price ratio, the popularity of the product, the feedbacks and opinions of those who bought the product and its intrinsic characteristics.

Comparison of the 5 best hand vacuums

Philips FC6148/01 Holife wireless 3 in 1 VicTsing 6 Kpa Electrolux ZB5003W Rapdido Black + Decker – PV1820L-QW
POWER 22 W 22 W 22 W 1,2 V 35 W
TANK CAPACITY 0,5 L 0,6 L 0,6 L 0,5 L 0,44 L
AUTONOMY 9 mn 25 – 30 mn 30 mn NC 10 mn
SOUND LEVEL 81 dB 78 dB 78 dB NC 85 dB
WEIGHT 798 g 1,50 kg 1,86 kg 860 g 599 g
USER NOTE 4,3/5 4,2/5 4,3/5 4,1/5 4,3/5

1. The vacuum cleaner for everyday use: Philips FC6148/01

This handheld vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 10.8V lithium-ion battery that provides 22W of suction power. Its autonomy time is 9 minutes, which is quite low compared to most models. This vacuum cleaner is simple to use and its weight of 0.8 kg makes it a light, easy to handle the device. Several accessories are included for maximum cleaning. However, even though it is practical, its noise level of 81 dB can be disturbing.

The + The –
Light High noise level (81 dB)
Easy tank emptying The limited-time of use (9 minutes)

High price, but matches the features and performance of the vacuum cleaner

2. The complete hand vacuum cleaner: Holife wireless 3 in 1

This cordless hand vacuum cleaner combines a cyclonic suction power of 22 W, an interesting autonomy time (up to 30 minutes) and an optimal cleaning thanks to the 3 nozzles that suck up all the dirt. The various accessories included make it possible to clean everything without much effort and with a noise level of 78 dB, this vacuum cleaner is one of the quietest appliances. On the other hand, the filter must be washed regularly for better use; a downside noted by the users, as well as a weight of 1.5 kg which does not make it a light appliance.

The + The –
Great power High weight
Long battery life Regular cleaning of the required filter
Battery recharge time: between 3 and 5 hours
Several accessories

3. The complete hand vacuum cleaner: VicTsing 6 Kpa

This cordless and handheld vacuum cleaner guarantees 30 minutes of continuous use. It operates with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery on the included stand. The suction power is 22 W; an interesting power to suck up all the dust of everyday life. In addition, for optimal cleaning, accessories such as a nozzle and a brush are included, allowing you to vacuum hard-to-reach places (corner of the sofa, corner of stairs etc…). Once vacuumed, the dirt is sent to the 0.6 L dust tray. The only small disadvantage: its weight of 1.86 kg makes it the heaviest of the selection.

The + The –
Various accessories Heavy (1.86 kg)
Great autonomy duration

4. The vacuum cleaner for small budgets: Electrolux ZB5003W Rapdido

Are you looking for a low-priced hand vacuum cleaner? This Electrolux model offers several elements for optimal cleaning: anti-scratch front wheels, cyclonic technology for a good separation of dust particles and a power of 3.6V. However, for a quality vacuuming, it is important to wash the filter regularly. The ergonomic handle ensures pleasant handling and the 862 g makes it even more comfortable to use.

The + The –
Light product Filter to be cleaned regularly
Anti-scratch casters to protect its surfaces
Cyclonic technology
Attractive price

5. The design hand vacuum cleaner: Black + Decker – PV1820L-QW

In addition to its original design, this very light vacuum cleaner (599 g) offers a power of 35 W, several inclinations and practical accessories to clean everything. Although this vacuum cleaner is powerful, it is noisy with its 85 dB. Autonomy level is 10 minutes, a rather limited duration, but which proves to be satisfactory for vacuuming small everyday dust.

The + The –
Light High noise level
Joli design Less autonomy than other devices
Adequate power
8 tilting possibilities

Comparison of hand vacuums: the criteria for making the right choice

The range of hand vacuums is very wide and choosing among all the available models is not easy. There are several things to consider when purchasing.

– The weight

Intended to pick up everyday dirt, you will need to use your hand vacuum cleaner regularly. This is why it is advisable to choose a light model to avoid tiring yourself. The maximum recommended weight is 1.5 kg.

– The duration of autonomy

To avoid breakdowns during your cleaning sessions, it is advisable to choose an autonomy of 10 minutes minimum. Also remember to check the battery recharging time: 3 – 4 hours is a good length of time.

– The power

The higher it is, the less time you will spend cleaning. The “suitable” power is between 8 and 30 W.

– The noise level

To avoid being stunned by your vacuum cleaner, the maximum sound level is 80 dB.

– The accessories provided

The more accessories there are, the more cleaning possibilities there are. When making your choice, consider the accessories included: suction head of different widths, brushes, etc… If the hand vacuum cleaner you choose does not offer the accessories you are looking for, check that they are available as an option.

Hope the above helps you out! Remember to leave your comments below.

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