Uncanny and Sagacious Spots to Mount Your Flat Screen

Those who say that you spend way too much time watching TV just don’t get it. There’s no better way to be entertained, informed, and educated at the same time. From learning how to cook to getting fascinating renovation ideas, watching television can be very rewarding. You can follow the latest news, sports, and weather, and even expand your horizons with an eye-opening documentary film.

And with all the exciting new shows and incredible streaming services available, binge-watching episodes of the most recent hit is an absolute must if you want to keep up with what all your friends are talking about. So, where’s the ideal spot to set up your TV? Here are a few creative and unique places where you can install your flat screens!

In Your Bathroom

Yes, you read that right! How much time do you spend every day in your bathroom? Probably more than you think. Whether you’re working on your hair and makeup or answering the call of nature, this little getaway to a world of intimacy is the perfect opportunity to watch what you want on TV. That’s why some people choose to install a TV on their bathroom wall and enjoy a movie while soaking in their hot tub. Plus, acoustics in bathrooms are fantastic!

In Your Laundry Room

Your laundry room is usually one of the most boring places in your home. But that’s not necessarily the case! You may spend a lot of time folding towels, sheets, and clothes in the laundry room, so why not have some fun while you do this household work?

Fresh Frames

Most modern televisions are centrally located in the living room or family room—Mount a sharp-looking frame around the screen to give America’s favorite evening companion a touch of class. Add a coat of paint to the frame to brighten up the black screen during non-business hours. You can go to an antique store to find a weather-resistant frame, make craft sales to find the frame that suits you, or simply build your own frame.


It’s becoming more and more common to mount your TV above a fireplace (check with the manufacturer to make sure it’s safe to place your TV on top of a mantel). The heat from the chimney doesn’t make much difference on the top wall, so you should be okay). We like the added charm of the beaded wood hinged doors that surround the flat screen. If you ever miss the flickering flames and the crackle of a real fire, you can always watch a DVD of Fireplace for Your Home, which is also available on Netflix!

In Your Kitchen

How about watching the kitchen channel or food network while you prepare a meal? You could follow your favorite celebrity chef! Kitchens are the heart of a house…a place where many families spend a lot of time, and even guests gather at parties. It is where the food is, after all. It is not uncommon for a television to be placed somewhere in the kitchen. Mounting your TV on a wall rather than on a countertop can save a lot of space.

Eclectic Mix

If your TV is just one of the many things you love to watch on the wall, why not add it to an eclectic collection of artwork? Set up shelves and frames on the wall, including photographs, watercolors, and found frames, which you can brighten up with a poppy color. Then add television as if the square shape was just another work to be included in the mix.

Hide it Behind Something Artistic

Maybe you don’t use your TV often, or simply don’t like the look of a giant black square on your wall. To solve these issues, you can mount a panel on the sliding doors to darken your TV while you’re not digging into your favorite show. You can also recess the TV into the wall and mount a picture on a hinge to hide it.

From the Ceiling

Another easy way to hide a flat-screen TV when not in use is to install a TV mount on the ceiling. This unit allows you to automatically store your TV in a space where it will not be visible.

Shelving Surround

If built-in isn’t in your budget, lots of home stores sell modular shelving that you can build around your own custom entertainment center design. With this solution, you can fill the space with more than just a black box, adding in some color and personality with books, art, found objects, and plants.

Now that you’ve got ideas for new places to mount a television, it’s time to get the ball rolling!

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