Bedroom Remodeling Ideas for Book Lovers

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you are a bibliophile, you know that a little reading is the only therapy a person needs. If you love books and continue to spend a fortune every time you visit a bookstore, you need a living space that is conducive to reading. It is important to consider your passion for books when you decide to renovate your room. This will help you keep your books in good condition and provide easy access to them.

Opt for a classic library

It is the basic piece of furniture that a bibliophile must have. The size of the shelf depends on the number of books you want to store. In general, people choose shelves that go from floor to ceiling. If the room is small, you can choose hanging shelves or wall shelves.

Use a variety of bookends

Every bibliophile should have bookends that show their love for books while adding a sense of style to the room. Today, you can choose bookends from a plethora of options. Buy a classic bookend for a sophisticated look. Quotation mark bookends are very popular and can be a great option for your books. If you want to create a unique look for the room, you can use items such as flower vases, sculptures, figurines, stuffed animals, etc. as bookends. Look around and you will find many objects to use as bookends.

Get a comfortable reading chair

Happiness is cuddling up in your reading chair and reading a book.

Reading a book makes you lose track of time. And, if you read a lot, you need a comfortable chair in the room. You can choose a soft, upholstered chair with a high back and armrests. If you have adopted a modern design for the bedroom, you can buy a chair with a modern look, like a footstool chair. You can also opt for a custom-made chair that matches your style. A classic rocking chair or an indoor swing may also be a great option for you.

Get a reading table

Sometimes, reading a book becomes comfortable with a reading table. Every bibliophile should have a reading table. You will need it if you take long notes while reading and if you believe in intensive research. A reading table will be useful when you need to refer several books at the same time. When choosing a table for the bedroom, make sure that its size is appropriate for your needs. Don’t forget to consider your size as well as the height of the chair before you buy it.

Adding book slots to other pieces of furniture

Shelves should not be the only furniture to hold your books. Innovative designers have shown that it is possible to place shelves or book slots on tables, chairs and sofas. For example, your reading chair may have book shelves on its sides. Such a design will ensure that your favourite books are close by. You can also buy a coffee table with shelves for your magazines, newspapers and small paperbacks.

Install wall decorations related to books

In general, bibliophiles do not have to think about the decoration of the walls of the room. The reason for this is that the walls are covered with shelves. But, if you have a bare wall that needs attention, you can opt for wall decorations related to the books. For example, you can display quotes from your favorite books. You can also frame pictures of your favorite authors. You can hang pictures and create a library atmosphere in the room. Don’t forget to visit your local library for some tips on decorating the walls of your room.

Make sure the room is well lit

Adequate lighting is very necessary for reading books. You must therefore ensure that the room is well lit. Let plenty of natural light into the room. Ask the renovation contractor to build a large window in the room so that you can enjoy the sunlight. You can also buy a bedside lamp and install it near your reading table or chair. You can place your bed close to the light source and make it conducive to reading.

A bedroom is a personal space. You can renovate it as you wish. And, if you like books, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a renovation contractor.

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