5 Ways to Decorate Your Chairs at Home

If you want to give your home decor a change, why not start with the chairs? If you are looking for a change in the home’s aesthetics, it is not necessary to remove the paint from the walls, arrange other furniture or apply another decorative style. It is as simple as putting into practice these five ways to decorate the chairs at home.

The seats are the main decorative components that offer comfort and a particular theme. Both the sofas and the chairs in the living room or dining room offer multiple possibilities in terms of decoration. From time to time, making a change at home can satisfy us on a personal level. In reality, designing the interiors is becoming more dynamic, and resources are being contrasted to achieve a much more original decorative principle.

So, how to decorate the chairs? Below we share some simple ideas to decorate the chairs following your home’s general aesthetics.


#1. The upholstery cannot be missing

Upholstered upholstery is undoubtedly an exciting way to work on decorating chairs. Any type of aesthetics can be carried out from this resource, applying color combinations, and establishing an ornamental content.


If you want to give seriousness to the environment, leather can play an exciting role. On the other hand, there is velvet, whose softness denotes sweetness and conveys a feeling of comfort. There is another possibility: prints, the ideal resource to establish a type of theme. It does not matter if they are recognizable or basic since they represent geometries, lines, symbols, or plants. The range is quite broad.



#2. Outdoor chairs for the garden

If you want to decorate the garden chairs, it is convenient that we consider the possible inclement weather that they may face if they are to be found out in the open. On the other hand, if they will be indoors or in a closed space, then we can work much better on the type of ornaments to be protected.


  • The wooden chairs can be decorated with flowers and green leaves falling from the back. It is a way of decorating and naturalizing the whole as if the seat is directly linked with the field.


  • Another possibility is to hang small pots on the handles or the backs. In this way, flowers or other vegetables can be planted. Of course, they should be small, since what we are doing is decorating.


  • Hanging garlands on the back are very attractive. Chains or lights can be made together to beautify and adorn. It is the best way to achieve the degree of chromaticism and harmony with the seat and maintain, in turn, a direct connection with the space that surrounds it.


#3. Smooth colors on the surface

Tonal minimalism can be worked through with solid colors. The chairs don’t need to be composed of chromatic or symbolic contrasts; it can also be decorated with unique tones. Simplicity can become a relevant component within the decoration. Large fields of color help create sensations indoors. Hence, the importance of harmonizing the set well with the chairs.


For this reason, those that contain plain colors can look very good in minimalist and futuristic styles, to such an extent that the alternative character that these decorative genres possess is produced.


#4. Vinyl is also for the chairs

Is vinyl only for walls? They are a basic principle for thematic decoration since they usually contain a particular drawing or a recognizable image. The vast majority can be placed on the seat itself or the backrest. To properly fix the vinyl, a smooth surface is required. For this reason, the arrangement of these types of resources can make chairs attractive pieces in a space.


#5. The cushions, a basic principle to decorate the chairs

Finally, we cannot put the cushions aside. They are an element directly associated with chairs. Its themes and colors can easily be combined with the seat. In this sense, the cushions provide comfort, a contrast of textures with the chair’s material, and, also, they have a lot to say if they have specific symbolic content.

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