Tips for Changing a Windowpane


– The tools to change a window

– How to change a window yourself?

– Tips for changing a glass pane

The tools to change a window

Here are the different tools you need to gather to change a window:

– gloves: to handle broken glass safely;

– a hammer: ideally a flathead glazier’s hammer;

– putty: spray or traditional putty;

– a putty knife;

– pliers;

You are now equipped to change your glass!

1. Tips for changing a windowpane on a PVC window

This operation is less delicate on a PVC window where the pane is held against the frame by glazing beads: a type of beading that surrounds the glazing.

– Use a wood chisel to unclip the beads;

– Remove the glass;

– Position the new glass pane, taking care to wedge it in place;

– Reclip the glazing beads.

2. Tips for changing a glass pane on a wooden window

Step 1: Remove the broken glass

– Begin by unhooking your window jamb and place it flat with the inside face up.

– With gloves on, remove any broken pieces of glass still in place.

– Then, remove the old putty with a plasterer’s knife.

– Then, remove the tips of the rabbet with pliers.

– Finally, carefully wash your stud and clean it. Wait until the window is dry before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Apply the putty

– If you have conventional putty, roll it between your hands to soften it and form a not too thick cord.

– Lay this bead evenly over the bottom of the rebate, flattening it slightly.

– You can also use a putty gun.

Step 3: Place the glass

– Install the glass in the putty, starting at the bottom and making sure it is centred.

– Then, press the tile down so that it adheres properly to the putty.

– However, be careful not to press too hard and never in the tile center, which could break!

Step 4: Attach the glass

– Once your glass is in place, you must fix it with glazier’s nails, i.e., 15 mm long headless nails.

– Using a glazier’s hammer, drive the nails into the top of the rebate so that they are embedded in the putty.

– Start at the top of the frame and plant a spike every 15-20 cm.

– Replace the putty to finish filling the rebate. Smooth it and level it with a putty knife or razor blade.

Your glass is in place, and you can replace your jamb!

3. Tips for changing a glass pane

Follow the same steps as for changing a glass pane on a wooden window as explained above.

To remove your old putty easily, heat it with a gas burner: it will then come off without any problem.

If your stud is made of wood, apply oil to the rebate before placing the first bead of putty: this will nourish the wood and make it easier to adhere.

Be careful to take the measurements of the glass. To do so, measure the width and length of the inside of the rebate precisely and subtract 3 mm from each measurement.

Wait at least one week before cleaning your glass or doing any painting work so that the sealant has time to dry properly.

Finally, remove traces of putty, scrape off the excess, and then use a cloth soaked in methylated spirits.

Hope the above tips help you to change your windowpane at home. Remember to share this post and leave your comments below.

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