Shopping Blinds – How To Find Right Window Blinds For Your Home?

Shopping for blinds for your home or office might seem easy. There are tons of online stores offering a wide range of choices of discount wood and faux wood blinds. Most of them can provide you better deals than a window covering retailing stores. Many retail window treatment stores also have online sales channels. But before purchasing them, please make sure that you have done enough of your homework.


First of all, you should know what makes wood blinds different from faux wood blinds. Concisely, wood blinds slates are simply made of 100% wood. They are most famous for giving your room more of a warm and elegant look, but not suitable in high moisture areas. They can also be fragile to your little kids and your pets. The price is higher, and the weight is lighter than the wood-like blinds or so-called faux wood blinds. As an alternative wood, the faux wood normally has vinyl, PVC, or a mix of wood and vinyl as its component. Their weights are much heavier, yet their prices are lower, and they are more durable to your pets and kids and in humid areas. Therefore, please make sure to choose the blinds type that right for your rooms.

Secondly, since the window blinds are a “CUSTOM-MADE” product, the blinds are “NON-REFUNDABLE!” Although some online stores claim that they have a refund policy. If you dig deeper, usually, the truth will be something that they simply settle a credit account for you for buying their products. It is nothing more than giving you their free coupon to force you to buy their products. Some stores can take between two weeks to one month for the verification process and have your blinds or other replacement products delivered out of their factories. No one would like this boredom scenario because it wastes a customer’s time and money for all delivery costs for the replacement. And you probably don’t want your neighbor to peek through your windows at night time! To prevent “hectic,” it is strongly recommended to;


  1. Order Your Free Samples

It is really essential since most of the time, the colors shown on your computer monitors are different from the natural slate and cloth tape colors. If most of the online stores offer color swatches for free, it is no reason not to take them and have a hand on them. You might be surprised by the quality advertised and the colors that are totally different from the ones shown on your monitor.


  1. Study Thoroughly How to Measure Your Windows and How You Want Your Window Blinds to Be Installed

You have to know which type of blinds installations you would need before you measure. Inside Mount or Outside Mount? Most online blind stores have pretty much the exact instructions but different wordings. Inside Mount refers to the window covering installed inside the window frame. It is the most popular and provides more privacy to the house owner. Outside Mount is always an alternative for the following cases:

  • when there are some obstructions such as window crank,
  • when the window is obviously not square, or
  • when there is not enough space for hardware installation.

Regardless of the price of their products, some sites even have their own How-To VDO to give you a general idea of how to measure for your window blinds. However, please check hardware specifications (ex. bracket, headrail, etc.) from the site you want to buy. The other step is to find the best deal for your blinds. As you know, blinds are not the product that you would buy them often. It’s not fun to have new blinds replaced and re-installed every year or two years. So again, please make sure which type of blinds, wood or faux wood, would fit your rooms after you have pretty much an idea of what type and size (Width x Height) of the blinds you need.

The best way to find the lowest price for identical quality blinds is to compare prices among three or four websites you order your free samples. Some of them might give you 30% off, coupons, low price guarantee or lowest price guarantee, free shipping, or different provocative promotions. Be caution! Usually, if they offer free shipping, they would have some hidden fees that would not be shown until you click the “Checkout ” button. The most famous “Hidden Fees” would be Handling and Processing Fees.

In general, this guideline could apply to other types of window treatments such as shutters, sheers, or shade. There are so many online stores for blinds and other window treatments out there. Shopping blinds is easy, but only concerning convenient if you know tricks and tips and don’t get fooled from the advertisement and what seems like great offers. If you’re looking for reliable, affordable, and unbeatable quality window blinds in Miami, get in touch with Persianas y Cortinas. They’re backed by years of experience providing a comprehensive spectrum of top-notch and classic blinds crafted to fit the modern and traditional architecture.


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