Homemade Mirrors to Beautify Your Home – Part 2

Have you ever thought about the importance of mirrors in a home? We use them every day. From staring at them while brushing the teeth to admiring our own faces after applying makeup, mirrors serve many significant functions.

However, if you are tired of the same boring and basic mirror, then why don’t you try out the following ideas?

#1. DIY Starburst Mirror 

Starburst Mirror on Wall | Step 0: Materials Bamboo wooden d… | Flickr

Materials you will need:

  • One pack of contractor shims
  • A diameter circular cut of wood
  • A circular mirror
  • Gorilla glue, hot glue gun and glue
  • Two clamps or some heavy books
  • A hook for the back of the mirror
  • Painter’s tape and paper to cover the mirror when you spray
  • Cardboard to keep the workspace safe
  • A hammer for attaching the hook to the wood

Instructions on how to make the DIY Starburst Mirror:

Step 1: The first step includes hammering the hook to the back of the wood about 1 inch below the edge. Then, you spread generously the gorilla glue around the opposite side of the wood and center it on the back of the mirror.

Step 2: Now, slit your shims. You can just step down on the small part so that the outer edge of your foot is centered on the shim and is pulled up. The shims will usually split in the same natural spot giving you one shorter and one longer piece. Some pieces can be a clean snap while others can be a bit splintered. Then, trim the splinters down with scissors or by scraping them on the ground and then sort them into two piles—one short and one long. And, even if you get medium-sized pieces, you can make a pile for them. This will help when you are gluing them on.

Step 3: This next step includes gluing the shims down to the back of the mirror with the splintered pieces facing in, so they won’t show. I strongly recommend gluing down your shorter pieces, first almost spaced evenly around the mirror and then adding longer sizes on top of them. This will look best when you have it hanging. Fill in the gaps so that there are only around three pieces layered. Now, remember the backside will look kind of messy, but it won’t be seen.

You need to make sure that your shims don’t reach higher than three layers or they will cause the mirror to be lopsided when it hangs, as it won’t sit flush with the wood backing.

Step 4: If, like me, you want more of the beach vibe, you can paint about 1/4 or 1/3 of the shims white or some other color before they are glued and spread out.

Step 5: Now, tape some paper down on top of the mirror and cover the edges carefully with some painter’s tape. But, make sure not to cover the shims or they will have bare spots when you apply paint. You can opt for an all-white vibe with primer and a layer of white for a crisp look or add a metallic for a warmer look.

Step 6: Once it’s completely dried, remove the tape and hang it carefully.

#2. DIY Flower Framed Mirror

Mirror Gold Flowers - Free photo on Pixabay

Materials you will need:

  • Some peonies, double white tulips, white roses (or any color you have), thistle.
  • A round mirror
  • Floral wire
  • Floral tape
  • Scissors
  • Binder Clips

Instructions on how to make the DIY Flower Framed Mirror:

Step 1: Create a large circle from heavy-duty floral wire and then twist the ends around each other tightly to make sure it is secure.

Step 2After creating the basic frame, it is time to get to work on the flowers themselves. I suggest working in small groupings and then adding them to the floral wireframe. You can select one or two larger blooms and one filler flower. Group them together, then cut the stem down and tape them together tightly with the floral tape.

Step 3: Next, you can start attaching the bundle to the floral wireframe with more floral tape, pulling it tightly so as to make sure it is secure.

Step 4: Repeat the second and third steps until the entire frame is covered in flowers.

Step 5:Now it’s time to secure the circle frame to the mirror, which can be done in a few different ways. But in my opinion, the most effective way to attach the frame is with the binder clips. Clip the flower frame, underneath the flowers, to the mirror and push in as far as it will go and then after every 6 inches, attach another binder clip until the entire frame is completely secured to the mirror.

Step 6: After securing the frame, you are ready to hang your mirror.


Which one will you try first? Please share your comments!


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