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6 Benefits of Homemade Cosmetics

Making our own cosmetics has become a real trend that we are succumbing to more and more. The do-it-yourself (DIY) trend mixed with a quest for naturalness is undoubtedly the reason for this success. Essential oils, vegetable oils and other organic products are flourishing and becoming easy to find.

Homemade cosmetics have many advantages compared to pre-prepared compositions. In addition, people take pride in their personalized recipes! Here’s what you need to know if you’re still in doubt.

You know what’s in them.

The first advantage of homemade cosmetics is that you can choose all the ingredients that go into them. This is an excellent way to avoid the parabens and other questionable chemicals found in most commercial beauty products.

Good to know: parabens are present in 80% of commercial cosmetics. They are, among other things, responsible for allergies, and some are suspected of disrupting the reproductive and endocrine systems, notably promoting the development of breast cancer.

Homemade cosmetics are (often) organic.

homemade cosmetics

When we prepare our own beauty products, we prefer to use organic products. These have the advantage of being less aggressive and better for the environment. 

Good to know: an organic ingredient can also cause inconveniences, such as irritations or allergies if you have susceptible skin. This is the case with specific essential oils or vegetable oils (sweet almond oil should be avoided by people allergic to nuts, for example).

Homemade cosmetics are more effective.

In general, there are more active ingredients in homemade cosmetics than in prepared beauty products.

The list of ingredients in commercially available products often indicates that the main active ingredient is a tiny percentage of the overall composition, usually around 0.01%. For example, 0.1 g of vitamin C in a jar of cream corresponds to the content of one orange. This is very little to be effective!

You should also know that in many commercial cosmetics, the main ingredient is water, which has no particular property. On the other hand, floral waters are most often used in homemade cosmetics, each of which has specific beauty properties: cornflower water decongests, rose water reduces wrinkles… 

Homemade cosmetics are more economical.

homemade cosmetics

How many cosmetic products do you throw away because they are out of date?

Making homemade cosmetics requires little material resources since you can find everything in your kitchen. A hollow container, a whisk and a few basic ingredients are enough to start. In addition, you can make as much as you need without overdosing. You can reuse the components several times and for various preparations.

You can make completely customized products.

Homemade cosmetics allow you to make products that are entirely tailored to your body. You are free to choose your components according to the properties and benefits of each one.

For example, do you know that argan oil is ideal for your hair type? Or do you like orange essential oil in your shower gel recipe? It’s up to you! With a bit of experience, you can create genuinely personalized creams and treatments. No more wasting products because they make your skin dry or your hair greasy; you can now create custom creams and skincare products.

Making your own cosmetics is fun.

Making your cosmetics is like cooking! At first, you follow a recipe and then, as you gain experience, you start to add your personal touch by experimenting.

It is possible to participate in workshops to prepare homemade cosmetics (some places offer them), or to organize them yourself, why not?

Many of us use commercial cosmetics daily. But we often ignore what these products contain. So, it’s better to trust ourselves and prepare our own cosmetics. In our next edition, we will tell you about all the ingredients to avoid in cosmetics. 

Until then, don’t forget to share your experience with us!

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