Easy DIY Flower Arrangements That Can Instantly Brighten Up Your Home (Part 2)

Easy DIY Flower Arrangements That Can Instantly Brighten Up Your Home (Part 2)

Candles and decorative accessories are not the only things that could enhance the décor of a house. Today, I’m here to share some easy flower DIY projects that can help make a beautiful statement in your home.

DIY Mason Jar Flower Wall Decor

DIY Mason Jar Flower Wall DecorMaterials you’ll need:

  • Some flowers
  • A 1 x 8 x 14 board
  • A 16 oz. mason jar
  • Sand paper or Sander
  • A hot glue gun /tape
  • Black Acrylic paint or dark stain
  • Twine
  • A big hook for front and a sawtooth hook for back

Instructions on how to make the DIY Mason Jar Flower Wall Décor:

Step 1:

If you will be the one cutting the wood, I recommend you to sand it with an 80 grit sander to get rid of any loose pieces or splinters before you paint or stain. Then, you can wipe it down with a clean, soft and lint-free rag. I’ve got a friend who stained her wood with one coat an ebony kind of stain, but it’s also great to paint it with acrylic paint. And, if you choose acrylic paint, remember to sand it lightly so as not to create any bumps.

Step 2:

Once you are done with the paint or stain, brush on two-three coats of white chalk paint. When dealing with the chalk paint, using a disposable foam brush is recommended as it will prevent brush marks and is easy to clean. You can then sand the edges using an 80 grit sanding sponge, allowing the black stain to shine through and giving it a rustic appearance. It’s not compulsory but you can also sand down some of the edges to give it a more worn appearance.

Note: If you have an electric sander, the work becomes easier and goes faster. It becomes easy to concentrate on the edges. But, try to be careful as the machine has an aggressive style of sanding that can result in some of the natural wood coming out.

Step 3:

Now, you need a hook. Today, you can easily find a hook with rustic touch on the net or in a local shop. And to help you with the measurements, let me give you an example: If you measured the top hole and found it to be 1 1/2″ down, try to center it.

Step 4:

It’s finally assembly time! Cut a 20-inch length of twine and tape the ends together, allowing some leftover for tying a knot. Next, apply hot glue on one end of a long length of twine (you can use 24′′ to wrap it around three times) to the rear of the jar and coil it around the neck until you like how it looks. Hot glue the other end together.

Step 5:

Now, take the tape off and tie all the loose ends. You can add a few drops of hot glue if needed. Don’t hesitate with the hot glue as it can keep the knots from unraveling once you have trimmed off the excess.

Step 6:

Remove the extra and hand the jar to the hook to make sure you have the right lengths.

Step 7:

You can customize it with a twine bow (use the hot glue to stick the bow to the front). A saw tooth hanger can also be added on the back. These small details add character to your mason jar wall décor.

Step 8:

And, we end by adding in the flowers or anything of your preference.

Simple Six Petal Flowers

Simple Six Petal FlowersMaterials you’ll need:

  • Colored paper
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • Stapler

Instructions on how to make the Simple Six Petal Flowers:

Step 1: Using a glass or a small bowl, start by tracing out a circle and use this same circle to draw around 50-60 circles. Once you are done with the tracing and drawing step, cut these circles out carefully.

Step 2: You will need 3 circles to make one flower. So, here’s what you got to do: Take one circle, fold it into half, flip it and fold it into half again, but this time onto another side. From this you will have 2 petals.

This step should be repeated with two other circles. Then, you have to place these petals in between all the other and staple. And, you’ve got the flowers ready.


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