Easy DIY Flower Arrangements That Can Instantly Brighten Up Your Home

Easy DIY Flower Arrangements That Can Instantly Brighten Up Your Home

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? They can make such a powerful statement anywhere and be the focal point of any room.

Today, I won’t be sharing just any floral home décor arrangement, but I’ll be sharing how to create a floral arrangement combined with fruits and veggies. Sounds interesting, right?

DIY Tulip and Cabbage Flower Arrangement

DIY Tulip and Cabbage Flower ArrangementMaterials you’ll need:

  • A cabbage with large and beautiful leaves on the outside
  • A paring knife
  • Tulips (you could also opt for any other spring flowers like daffodils or hyacinth)
  • Flower Shears
  • Wet foam block (you could also choose a small mason jar)

Instructions on how to make the DIY Tulip and Cabbage Flower Arrangement:

Step 1:

Before you buy the cabbage, make sure the base is flat. And, if required, get rid of the bottom. Disconnect the leaves from the center (don’t break them; just try to pull them away from the center). But, remove any brown or wilted leaves. With your knife, make a hole in the center of the cabbage – remember to make it big enough to incorporate into the foam.

Note: Keep all the yummy cabbage insides for some lip-smacking Chinese dish.

Step 2:

Now, with the help of a larger knife, cut down the wet foam and remove a small square from it. Make sure the foam is completely saturated with water and left to soak. Cut the corners down so that it fits precisely in the cabbage hole.

Step 3:

With the flower shears, trim and cut the flowers to the height you’d like. Get rid of any wilted, loose or broken leaves. The reason why I have suggested using a flower wet foam is that it allows you to have complete control of how you’d like to arrange the flowers – be it a high or low angle. Push the flowers gently into the moist foam, moving in a circular motion. The cabbage has to be spun. You may either stay in the middle and work your way out, or vice versa.

My choice of arrangement was to alter the colors of every four flowers.

Step 4:

Once your foam is fully covered with flowers, you can now put your cabbage on a tray or a platter and place it on a table. Remember to water it every 1-2 days.

A DIY Fruit and Floral Arrangement

A DIY Fruit and Floral ArrangementThe How-to

Long ago, I’d seen on another blog post about how you could place a vase inside another large one and fill the remaining space with slices of fruits and then add the flowers.

So, here’s what I did: Using my glass and gold hurricane, I turned a bowl upside down and placed my glass vase on top. It required height. I cut the limes thick enough to get about four slices from each lime, discarding the ends. Begin by lining them up along the bottom. Then, I placed the vase inside to create a space for citrus slices. If you want to arrange or move the slices properly, you can use a spatula.

Once you reach the top, you can drop the spatula and instead use a fork or tongs to move the slices. When it comes to the floral arrangement, I went for hydrangeas. I added three of them to the inner vase – they were enough to cover the top of the hurricane, the slices of fruit and the vase. And, now in the middle, I added 2 bunches of white hyacinths that stood taller above the hydrangeas.

Now, for the final, I’m sure you are waiting for me to say that it’s now time to add the water to the limes, but since the hurricane top is removable, I didn’t. But, if you are going to use a vase or any other vessel that won’t leak, you could water them before adding the flowers.


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