Tips to Make a Dressing Room


    – Making a dressing room: what dimensions?

    – Making the dressing room frame

    – Making the interior of the dressing room

    – Price of making a dressing room

There are several ways to build a dressing room. Whether you choose an L-shaped, U-shaped, or linear dressing room, whether you install it in a room entirely dedicated to it, whether it is narrow or long, the number of dressing rooms is unlimited.

If you are somewhat of a handyman, then follow these tips to make your dressing room.

Making a dressing room: what dimensions?

Considering the number of possibilities, let’s start by making a dressing room in length.

First of all, it is advised to draw your dressing room on paper to get an idea. This will give you an idea of your project and allow you to budget your project.

The length of the dressing room will depend on where you place it.

To avoid confusing it with a wardrobe, start with the idea that it will be the same height measured from floor to ceiling: generally 2.50 m.

The dressing room’s depth should be at least 50 cm to hang clothes without them coming out wrinkled.

Making the dressing room frame


To make a dressing room, and once the dimensions are taken, you must make the frame:

    – Choose two boards of 2.50 m high by 50 cm, for example, depending on the dimensions chosen for your dressing room.

    – Fix two rails of the board’s thickness, one to the ceiling, the other to the floor, with screws and dowels, for example.

        ◦ You will choose the rails according to the thickness of the partition boards.

        ◦ So you will need 4 rails.

Note: you can, of course, avoid these boards if you choose to make your dressing room taking advantage of two walls facing each other. Then attach to the floor a rail corresponding to the dressing room’s length and attach the same rail to the ceiling with screws and dowels.

Make the inside of the dressing room

The shelves

To make the shelves of the dressing room:

    – Cut cleats that you will attach to the back wall and on the side of the installed boards.

    – Attach these cleats:

        ◦ Choose screws and dowels of the same material as your cleats.

        ◦ These cleats will be fixed in a U-shape and height to support shelves that may be simply chipboard but of sufficient thickness to carry relatively heavy loads.

    – Place your boards on the cleats. You can maintain them by screwing them.

    – If you wish to install corner shelves, attach other cleats corresponding to the shelves’ dimensions on the partition and the back wall.

The hanging rod

Screw two brackets to the back wall that will allow you to install a hanging bar for hanging clothes.

You will fix these bars at 1.60 cm from the floor to enable a shoe rack or a drawer cabinet on the floor.

Fixing the doors

Depending on the floor space, choose sliding, swinging, or folding doors. The simplest solution for the construction of this dressing room is the sliding doors.

Place the doors in the rails fixed to the floor and ceiling when making the dressing room frame.

The finishing touches

Once the dressing room is made, the finishing touches remain:

    – If you chose raw wood, it’s time to paint all the elements in the colour of your choice.

    – Attach a mirror if necessary.

    – You can, if your dressing room is not equipped with electricity, stick LED lamps that you can change according to your needs and diffuse white light so as not to alter the colour of your clothes.

    – Finally, arrange your dressing room according to your needs and desires by adding drawer boxes, baskets in natural material, a belt rack or tie rack…

Price of the manufacture of a dressing room

The price of the manufacturing of your dressing room will depend essentially on the wood (if such is your choice) that you will choose. To build a dressing room, prefer chipboard or MDF (medium-density fibreboard) that you can decorate to your taste.

The choice of doors will also be important in the budget of your dressing room. It is, therefore, useful to calculate everything before undertaking this type of project.

Count from $200 for a dressing room fitted out in a simple way to $500 according to the wood’s finish and the furniture installed inside.

These prices are, of course indicative, they will depend on the store where you buy your raw materials: the price of wood is not the same in a large DIY store as in a carpenter’s shop and will not be the same if you call a professional.

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