Homemade-tips: How to Make Your Cosmetics With Beeswax (Part 2)

This post is a continuation of Part 1 on How to Make Your Cosmetics With Beeswax. Lately, we have gone through

Zoom on beeswax

Make your moisturizers

This post will now cover:

Make your lip balm

Make your beeswax gloss

Make your hand ointment

Design your creamy cleansing milk

Make your lip balm

You can also design a homemade lip balm using:

    – a dose of beeswax (flakes are ideal in this case);

    – an amount of shea or coconut butter (of firm consistency);

    – two doses of liquid vegetable oil (jojoba, macadamia, sweet almond…);

    – in option a drop of essential oil of ladaniferous Cistus (you will apply the balm to the lips, so be careful).

Note: for even better hydration, you can add aloe vera gel or a little honey.

Melt everything in a water bath except the essential oil that you will add once the whole is liquefied and just slightly cooled.

Put in a small jar with a lid and stir until the balm thickens; you can always adjust the consistency by adding liquid or solid essential oil and melting it again.

Make your beeswax gloss

It is quite simple to make your gleaming gloss with beeswax.

For this purpose:

    – Melt it in a water bath:

        ◦ half a teaspoon of beeswax;

        ◦ half a teaspoon of coconut oil;

        ◦ one teaspoon of cocoa butter;

        ◦ one teaspoon of sweet almond oil.

    – Remove the preparation from the heat when it is liquid.

    – Add one teaspoon of aloe vera gel.

    – Mix with a whisk.

    – Put the preparation in a jar.

Make your hand ointment

You can also make an ointment for the hands.

    – Gently heat it until you get a fluid:

        ◦ 6 g of beeswax;

        ◦ 16 ml of vegetable oil of your choice;

        ◦ 5 g of shea butter;

    – Allow cooling to 40°C (monitor the temperature with a kitchen thermometer).

    – Add 10 ml of calendula mother tincture to the dropper while stirring and allow the mixture to cool.

    – Transfer to a jar with a lid.

As always, you can add one or two drops of essential oil.

Design your creamy cleansing milk

To make cleansing milk based on beeswax:

    – Mix:

        ◦ 2 teaspoons of beeswax;

        ◦ 2 teaspoons of glycerin;

        ◦ 100 ml of sweet almond oil;

        ◦ 60 ml of orange blossom hydrolate;

        ◦ 20 drops of rosemary essential oil (or bigarade small bean);

        ◦ 15 drops of another essential oil of your choice if you wish.

    – Melt the wax in the oil, stirring occasionally.

    – Once it has liquefied, remove it from the heat, then add the hydrolate, glycerin and finish with the essential oil while continually stirring with a whisk.

Materials for making your cosmetics with beeswax


Approximately $8 per 250 g


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Container with lid

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Kitchen thermometer

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