Homemade Tips: How to Paint Your Furniture


– Step 1: Prepare the surface before painting the furniture

– Step 2: Paint the furniture

Painting a piece of furniture is a practical and economical solution if you don’t want to have to buy another one or if you want it to match the interior decoration.

The preparation of the surface, when it is necessary to paint a piece of furniture, is a step not to be neglected.

Indeed, for the paint to adhere optimally and for the result to be long-lasting, the surface to be painted must be clean and without defects. It is therefore important to sand and clean the furniture before applying an undercoat or a primer, and to paint in the colours of your choice.

Material to paint a piece of furniture

Sandpaper Approximately $5 per 3 sheets
Masking tape $1 per roll
Burning alcohol $3 approx.
Sponge + Cloth $2
Alkaline detergent $3 approx.
Wax Remover $10 approx.
Roll Starting at $5

1. Prepare the surface before painting the furniture

Furniture sanding

Furniture made of melamine, Formica or PVC has a smooth surface on which paint does not adhere well.

Sand the furniture with a sanding block to increase the adhesion of the paint:

– Use fine sandpaper.

– Sand without pressing too hard, using a back and forth motion.

Cleaning the furniture

When the furniture is sanded, clean it:

– Wash the furniture with a mixture of water and alkaline detergent.

– If the furniture is stained, degrease it with a lint-free cloth soaked in methylated spirits.

In the case of wooden furniture

Before painting a piece of furniture, correct any defects it may have.

– If the wooden furniture has holes or cracks, fill them with wood paste.

– If the wood is already painted and the paint is in good condition, wash it with an alkaline detergent. If it is in bad condition, the paint must be stripped to expose the wood.

– If the wood is waxed, apply a wax remover and sand the wood with steel wool.

– Always sand the furniture in the direction of the wood grain.

– Dust and wipe with a damp cloth when you have finished sanding the wood.

2. Paint the furniture

To paint a piece of furniture and obtain a perfect result, it is often necessary to apply an undercoat or a primer, in addition to sanding, which will allow the paint to adhere.

The choice of undercoat or primer depends on the material to be painted and the type of paint used.

There are commercially available undercoats or primers “special” melamine, PVC, Formica, wood … choose according to the furniture you are painting.

The undercoats or primer can be water or solvent-based, it is preferable to apply a water-based paint (acrylic) on a water-based undercoat/primer and an oil-based paint (glycero) on a solvent-based undercoat/primer.

The undercoat or primer is applied with a paint roller.

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