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Tips in Cleaning An Oven

If your oven has lost its shine, then you are not cleaning it properly or not at all. Let’s face it, oven cleaning is not something that you would want to do after welcoming all those guests at your place. Oven cleaning is more of a spring cleaning task that no one looks forward to. Well, we should all know how to clean an oven and that too with the right tools, it becomes so easy to clean and remove the sticky burnt food and grease. Cleaning an oven should be done twice in a year, depending on the time you have.

Here are some simple oven cleaning tips that will leave you having a spotless in no time.

Precautions first: Remember when using a professional oven cleaner, it is important to be aware of the safety precautions that are recommended on the product. You can read the instructions carefully before using it and always wear rubber gloves, so that your skin doesn’t get irritated. Do make sure that your oven is cooled off before cleaning.


1. Use the self-cleaning feature of the oven.

Does your oven have one? If you’re not sure – perhaps you inherited it from the previous owner of your home – check in the manual (or online if you don’t have it). If your oven is self-cleaning, you should begin the cleaning process by following the manufacturer’s instructions. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to do anything. The self-cleaning function usually involves heating your oven to very high temperatures that reduce burnt food to ashes, which you must then clean in the bottom of the oven. However, the elbow grease is much less important. A tip? Open the windows – there is usually a lot of smoke.

2. Remove visible food particles from the oven.

In addition to the self-cleaning functions, you can start cleaning your oven the old-fashioned way. Start by putting on old clothes, as cleaning the oven can be quite messy, and put on rubber gloves.

Then remove any food that you can see on the oven floor and stuck to the shelves.

3. Remove the oven shelves

Remove all oven racks and soak them in a sink (or in the bathtub if your sink is too small) filled with hot, soapy water. The combination of hot water and dishwashing liquid will help break down burned food or grease residue. You may need to soak them for a few hours or overnight.

4. How to Clean an Oven with Baking Soda and Vinegar

If you’re looking for a natural alternative, it’s back to our old friend, baking soda. Sprinkle it generously on oven surfaces (you may need to moisten them first to make them stick), then spray white vinegar on top. Let stand for 30 minutes. Use our guides to cleaning with baking soda and vinegar for many more helpful tips.

5. Cleaning Oven Racks

Once you have soaked your shelves, use a scourer to clean them. Turn them over halfway to make sure they are spotless on both sides. Rinse with hot water and let dry.

6. How to clean the inside of an oven

Once the cleaning product or baking soda/vinegar has had a chance to take effect, you will notice that the food scraps have started to peel off. Take a sponge and a bowl of hot soapy water and start wiping the inside of the oven. Rinse your sponge in the water and repeat this step until the oven is clean. Rinsing the sponge after each turn will prevent dirt from spreading.

7. How do I bake on grease from my oven?

If you still have grease residue or burnt food inside your oven at this stage, don’t worry. Sprinkle baking soda on the burned food and let it soften overnight. The next morning, you can wipe off stubborn stains with a sponge and hot water.

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