How to Make Your Cosmetics With Beeswax (Part 1)


    – Zoom on beeswax

    – Make your moisturizers

    – Make your lip balm

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    – Make your hand ointment

    – Design your creamy cleansing milk

Wax has virtues that make it useful in the management of skin problems and care in general. It is also used in the composition of many cosmetic products. In this case, why not make your creams? Let’s see how to use beeswax to make your cosmetics.

Zoom on beeswax

Wax, which is used to form a swarm structure, is used to make various everyday use products (candles, waxing …) and some cosmetics because of its emollient properties.

Beeswax has particular virtues, mostly because of the ester it contains.

Therapeutic virtues of beeswax

Wax has various properties that make it useful in the management of skin problems and general care. Indeed, it enters the composition of many cosmetic products and balms used in hydration and skin tissue protection (mainly because of its richness in vitamin A).

From a therapeutic point of view, beeswax is thus used:

    – as an ingredient in anti-rheumatic balms;

–    – as an emollient and moisturizing element in all kinds of creams and ointments (it is possible to make one’s cosmetics – creams, balms, lotions, lipsticks – by buying natural beeswax);

    – as a soothing and oxygenating cream for the epidermis;

    – as a protector (because it is waterproof) against the sun, cold, and wind, which can irritate the skin;

    – as an anti-inflammatory and cleansing product for the epidermis;

    – as a healing product;

    – as a slimming product: it incorporates balms that are heated and massaged into the skin to refine the figure;

    – as a repairing cream in case of bruises, inflammations, and burns;

    – as a cleanser for the scalp and sheathing for the hair.

Beeswax is suitable for both dry and oily skin.

Note: Beeswax should not be used in too high doses either, as it can clog the skin’s pores.

Use of Beeswax in Cosmetics

Beeswax is a product of choice for making your moisturizing creams.

The idea is to get natural wax and from organic farming. Generally, real beeswax is recognizable by its raw aspect and its smell of honey.

You can buy it on the internet, but the idea is to go to health food stores where you can see and touch it.

Remember that:

    – Wax is melted in a water bath.

    – Wax allows you to harden your homemade creams while improving their protective properties.

    – Wax plays a slight emulsifying role in preparations.

    – Combined with an emulsifier, a tiny quantity of wax is enough to thicken it to make the preparation more stable.

Make your moisturizers

For a moisturizing cream

    – To make a moisturizing cream, use about 6 g of beeswax and mix it with 60 ml of vegetable oil (HV) and 50 ml of water.

    – Emulsify the preparation well with a whisk until you obtain a smooth and homogeneous cream.

    – If the cream “falls off” due to the water and oil mixture, whisk a little more to restore a smooth appearance.

Nothing prevents you, if you wish, from adding a few drops of suitable essential oil.

To obtain a hair and body cream

    – Mix:

        ◦ 10 g of beeswax;

        ◦ 150 ml of HV of macadamia;

        ◦ 60 ml of aloe vera gel;

        ◦ 60 ml orange blossom water.

    – Melt the wax and oil together until fluid is obtained.

    – Pour into a jar and add the orange blossom water and aloe vera.

    – If you wish, you can top it off with a hint of the flavour of your choice or essential oil.

    – Close the jar tightly and shake until the mixture is well blended (a few minutes).

    – Use this cream for your skin as well as for your hair.

This post will now continue in part 2 in our next publication by next week. Stay posted, and remember to leave your comments below. 

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