4 Steps for Preparing and Using a Hair Care Oil for Dry Hair


– Focus on hair oils

– Step 1: Combine your oils

– Step 2: Mix the oils

– Step 3: Use the hair care oil

– Step 4: Store your oil

Is your hair dry, curly or frizzy? Brittle? Colour- or sun-damaged? Or worse, all of the above? An oil bath is a must for nourishing and revitalizing your hair.

Vegetable oils have many benefits. Learn about them and simply make a custom treatment adapted to the nature and needs of your hair. Like a mask, oil treatment is applied to the hair before shampooing.

Normal or oily hair can also benefit from this treatment. Just choose light oils adapted to these hair types and prioritize them on the ends and the lengths.

Where to buy your hair oils?

Before looking for specialized stores, start by looking in your closet or going to a supermarket.

You can find many oils with interesting properties in the tabletop oil section and the beauty products section.

There may be a store in your town that specializes in natural skincare products for more specific oils.

Otherwise, search the Internet, you will easily find specialized sites.

Ideally, choose oils that are certified by a label or an organic certification.

Materials needed to prepare oil for dry hair.

– 90° alcohol

– Funnel

– Vegetable oil

– Measuring cup

1. Combine your oils

Several criteria should be taken into account when preparing your hair care product:

– the nature and needs of your hair;

– the cosmetic properties of the oils;

– the physical properties of the oils (touch, consistency, smell).

A tailor-made treatment

According to this, you will be able to make a treatment adapted to your hair and your expectations:

– Select the oils with cosmetic properties that correspond to your needs (damaged hair, curly hair, afros hair …).

– Consider the physical properties of oils:

◦ Mix oils with a relatively dry touch and those with a greasier touch to have a balanced mixture.

◦ Compensate for a dense or somewhat thick oil by combining it with other oils that are pretty liquid.

◦ Some oils have more pleasant smells than others. For example, avoid putting too much broccoli oil, and prefer to put more sapote oil, with a bitter almond smell.

Depending on these criteria and the desired effect, adapt the proportions.

A mixture of 3 or 4 oils is enough, no need to elaborate on a complicated recipe. Especially since some oils have similar properties, you can very well replace one with another.

Finally, do not forget that all these oils will do your hair well; you can not go wrong!

Examples of care oil recipes

Here are two examples of hair care recipes to adopt or adapt.

– You have curly or frizzy hair that is difficult to discipline:

◦ 1/4 sweet almond oil;

◦ 1/4 coconut oil;

◦ 1/4 yangu oil;

◦ 1/4 piqui oil.

– You have dehydrated and damaged hair, your scalp is sensitive:

◦ 1/2 olive oil;

◦ 1/4 castor oil;

◦ 1/4 sapote oil.

2. Mix the oils

Start by preparing your utensils:

– Clean the work surface.

– Wash your hands thoroughly.

– Take out all the necessary equipment.

– Disinfect the measuring cup, funnel and bottle with rubbing alcohol.

Preparing your own mixture of oils is straightforward:

– Insert the funnel into the bottle.

– Measure oil with the measuring glass.

– Pour it into the funnel.

– Proceed in the same way for all the oils. There is no need to wash your measuring cup between each oil.

– Close the bottle and shake it vigorously to mix the oils well.

3. Use the hair care oil

Use this treatment as an oil bath, as a mask to be applied before shampooing:

– Shake the bottle vigorously if the oils have separated due to their difference in density.

– Apply the oil all over your hair. You can divide your hair into quarters if it makes the application easier.

– Pay particular attention to the ends of the hair.

– Gently massage all over your hair.

– Leave on for as long as possible (1 to 2 hours minimum) and then wash your hair.

Tip: for an even more effective result, apply the mask before going to bed, wrap your hair in a towel or cling film and shampoo the following day.

4. Store your oil

To fully enjoy the benefits of your treatment, it is essential to store your oil in a dry place, away from light and heat.

You can also keep it in the refrigerator. In this case, if the mixture solidifies, simply run it under a stream of hot water for a few moments to regain its fluidity.

Finally, pay attention to the smell of your product. If it smells strongly repellent, do not use it.

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