Choosing The Right Window

Is it better to buy new or buy used? Casements or double-pane windows? The correct windows may add architectural character, improve energy efficiency, raise your home’s value, and physically light up your interiors. But how do you pick the proper windows for your home when there are so many options? To help you pick the ideal windows for your house, here are some styles and materials to consider.

Take into account the components. Vinyl windows provide modern design and reasonable luxury at a cheaper cost than wood windows, but they only come in a restricted color palette, limiting stylistic possibilities. Although wood windows are more expensive, their timeless appearance and global appeal can increase the market value of your property if properly maintained.

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It’s important to keep up with maintenance. Consider the upkeep while deciding between wood and vinyl. Vinyl windows do not need to be repainted or stained every few years, but wood windows must.

What is your style?

Choose style-appropriate windows, from classic to modern, and especially for historic renovations; otherwise, they will seem out of place. Before you choose windows for your home, consider the following styles, shapes, and combinations.

The clean, modern lines of vinyl casement windows add to the modern feel of this kitchen.

Casement windows expand outward to bring fresh air inside and provide full top-to-bottom ventilation. They’re also a popular alternative over kitchen sinks or anywhere else where reaching is a problem.


These nearly floor-to-ceiling bespoke windows provide a picturesque perspective of the world beyond. But is there a downside to all that sunshine? UV radiation may discolor your furniture and make the space uncomfortable to be in. Look for Low-E—or low-emissivity—coating on the windows, an invisible metallic coating on the glass that reflects infrared radiation, keeping heat inside in the winter and outside in the summer. It also reflects some UV light, preventing premature fading of indoor items.

When building or remodeling, keep in mind where your house is built, how it’s positioned on the lot, and which directions your windows and doors face. Afternoon sunshine comes in from two directions in this corner room, while windows on surrounding walls allow for pleasant cross-ventilation.

Sliding Panes

With traditional features and two sliding panes that open vertically and tilt inward for simple cleaning, the double-hung window seems to be the most popular window in the United States.

Slider windows open smoothly and effectively and have a clean, contemporary design. The single window and wide breadth let in a lot of light and give you a better view of what’s beyond.

Decorative Grilles

Decorative grilles separate the panes of a window and give a nice architectural element. Grilles are sandwiched between twin panes of glass in this case; they look as good as ordinary panes but are considerably easier to clean and maintain.

Matching windows and patio doors create a stunning image; here, Prairie-style grilles provide charm and intrigue to a huge expanse of glass.

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Choose unique windows that complement the home’s architecture for a gorgeous, dramatic entry. Bold designs and dark, strong trim work well with soaring ceilings like these, drawing attention and emphasizing the room’s tremendous height.

Bay windows create depth and maximize your view by adding a three-dimensional appearance to your home. Side casements allow for complete airflow from top to bottom, and the expanded sash can capture and funnel the breeze into the house for improved air movement.

New windows can raise the value of your home while also saving you money on energy. Let us know in the comments what are the windows that you are looking for…

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