My Key Broke Off In The Lock: What Should I Do?

It’s not uncommon for your door key to break off in the lock while you’re trying to get home or while you’re out on the town. While this may seem like a concern, it is far from the biggest ordeal of all. In fact, there are many solutions you can rely on to help you deal with your broken key. What is the right attitude to have when your key breaks in the lock? Read on!

What to do when the key is broken in an unlocked lock?


In case the key has broken inside a lock that is not locked, there is no need to panic. All you have to do is remove the cylinder using a de-sealer that you will need to apply to the inside of the lock hole. Turn the key that is stuck.

As soon as the key comes back to the vertical position, you will only have to remove it with another key. You can also use any object that can do the job. In practice, you will have to put the side of the cylinder containing the broken key on the floor and tap on the opposite side in order to make the stuck key fall out. If the problem is not solved, either replace the cylinder or call a locksmith.

What to do when the key is broken off inside a locked lock?

If the key has broken off in a locked lock, you can use tweezers or flat tongs to extract the pin. Keep in mind that this technique is only feasible when the pin protrudes a few millimeters beyond the lock block. Another solution is to coat the key precisely where the breakage occurred with glue.

You will then have to insert the end of the key that you are holding in such a way as to bring the end into contact with the shank that has remained in the cylinder. Then let the glue dry for a handful of minutes, but do not let go of the key. Finally, carefully pull the ring of the key until it is completely removed. In addition, you can do the job using a graded key extractor. Generally speaking, this is a kit that contains a hooked rod. The latter will offer you the possibility to proceed with the removal of the foreign body that has been stuck inside the lock.

Call a locksmith professional

Hiring a locksmith is one of the most accessible and most convenient solutions to rely on when removing a broken key from a lock, whether it is locked or not. While this option can be costly, it is the safest and quickest way to solve the problem. Also, hiring a locksmith expert will give you the opportunity to avoid damaging your lock or door. Have fun making your way to online comparison sites to compare prices if you have time.

It is important to note that complex locks or armored doors will require more energy and time from the service provider during his intervention. As a result, the locksmith will charge an above-average fee. Also, keep in mind that, in most cases, the rates will go beyond a hundred dollars.

Flat pliers or hooked steel rod


If you are lucky and the broken key sticks out a few millimeters, it is possible to handle it with a pair of flat pliers or even, why not, with tweezers. If not, one solution is to remove the key’s end with a thin steel rod hooked at the end. This will allow you to pry the piece of key out of the lock. You can apply a lubricant beforehand that will help the key slide out. The next step- which will leave your lock intact- is first to straighten the lock, using a screwdriver, for example, so that it returns to its original position. Then use the pliers or pin to remove the stuck piece of the key.

You should also know that there are key extractors sold in kits of several thicknesses. These kits contain a handle and a hooked rod that will help you activate the pin in the lock. Most of the time, this is the solution used by locksmiths. The difficulty here is to find the right puller for your lock.

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