Top 5 Things To Know Before Getting A Skylight

Adding a skylight to your home is always an attractive idea; it lets in more natural light and reduces electricity costs while improving the appearance of your home. On hot Australian days, you can even open your skylight, if it’s vented, to let in the fresh air and make your home less stuffy.

This guide contains everything you need to know about skylights, and we always recommend that you hire a professional rather than DIY this type of work. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you ought to know before getting a skylight in your home.

1. The style of the dormer will depend on the use of your attic


Bull’s eye dormer, sloping dormer, trapezoidal dormer, and hipped dormer have an infinite number of dormer styles. The choice will depend on your home’s exterior appearance and your attic’s use. For example, a rampant dormer is very slanted and goes in the same direction as the roof slope. As a result, the fenestration will be quite limited. Although it can be used for ventilation, the light will be limited.

For this reason, a crawl space can be used more if your attic is being converted into a storage room or a room that does not require much light. However, if you want to turn your attic into a bedroom, it would be better to opt for a roll-up dormer. This type of dormer is covered by a flat roof, which allows a large window installation. Light penetration will be optimized, as well as the ventilation of the room.

2. The dormer contributes to the durability of your roof

Did you know that the attic is the perfect place for the proliferation of mold and mildew of all kinds? Dark, damp, cold, and often poorly ventilated, attics tend to deteriorate easily, especially if they are poorly maintained.

Even if you are not converting your attic into a living space, installing a skylight on your roof would be the perfect option to ventilate your attic and intensify the penetration of light during the nice days. You will find that mold and mildew will disappear over time. However, note that roof insulation must be particularly effective to remedy your moisture problems once and for all.

3. Be careful not to confuse skylights with roof windows


The main difference between the skylight and the velux is in the layout of the window. In the case of the skylight, it is placed vertically, while the velux is rather installed on the roof. Moreover, the latter is usually installed by a roofer because it represents an important work in the renovation, which is not the case with roof windows. A roof window will certainly be more exposed to the weather, so it is usually made of double glazing and has excellent sealing. The skylight does not save space, unlike the dormer window.

4. Dormers transformed into flat roofs

Modern homes tend to take on original geometric shapes, giving them a trendy look. However, this does not prevent the installation of dormers, which with their design possibilities, blend perfectly into the contemporary look of the house. Even though the dormer appeared decades ago, it is a timeless element that has evolved with the times! We now find dormers composed of a terrace and a bay window to take full advantage of the sunshine and comfort provided.

5The skylight represents a significant gain in space


Turning your attic into a living space can be a great expansion project. It is undoubtedly the best way to ensure their longevity. Indeed, neglected places tend to fall into disrepair, especially because of the lack of heat. If your roof has a living area, it will certainly be better preserved. An architect will be able to work with you to design your new skylight according to your needs.

Once you have the plans, you will need authorization from your municipality, as improvements to a home’s exterior generally require a renovation permit. Then it’s time to hire a roofer to make your roofing project a reality finally. This type of installation is ideal for gaining space in height and maximizing the luminosity of the room.

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