4 Natural Tips to Clean the Air in Your Home

Winter is a time for bacteria, viruses, and other indoor pollution. To naturally sanitize your home, you can use several effective methods. Here are 4 techniques to make your home a healthy and pleasant space!

Use Essential Oils to Promote Sleep

Essential oil is used not only to treat everyday ailments but also to sanitize the interior of a home. Indeed, it has antiviral, antiseptic, and antibacterial powers. But this is often ignored by the general public. However, it is enough to use a diffuser adapted to your room’s size and add drops of essential oil while lighting the device. To do this, you can choose :


Among the different types of essential oils, lavender is one of the products recommended to sanitize the interior of your home. This one has excellent antiviral and antiseptic properties. It also has the advantage of being calming and soothing and not to mention its ability to promote sleep.

Eucalyptus Radiata

During winter, it is advisable to diffuse the powerful and effective antiviral essential oil: eucalyptus radiata. This one allows decontamination of the rooms while getting rid of the small viruses.

The Mixture of Oils

You should not hesitate to mix essential oils specific to relaxation, harmony, stress. You can diffuse a solution based on ravintsara, lemon, and tea tree. This allows you to sanitize your home in a sustainable way.

Choose Black Soap to Clean Your Home

The leading causes of air pollution inside a house are household products like chemicals. Indeed, these products are harmful to health, primarily if used in large doses. In addition, there is a lack of ventilation in the house. Faced with this situation, it is recommended to use black soap.

It is always easy to use, whether in paste or liquid form. It is also a cheap and effective solution because it allows natural sanitizing of all the rooms. Indeed, the black soap has the power to remove stains, grease, and clean. It can also be used to clean the floor and remove all stains on clothes.

White Vinegar: The Ultimate Cleaning Weapon

Household products bought in supermarkets are often sources of pollution in the house. They can even be very dangerous. To avoid spending too much money on chemical products, it is recommended to go back to grandma’s recipes: to use the famous white vinegar.

Indeed, it is a magic product made with natural products and is obtained by the acetification of corn, beets, and alcohol. Therefore, it can clean everything! And its use is without moderation because it does not present any danger.

The Infusion of Thyme: To Disinfect Your House

Winter is the period during which colds spread easily. And it is always difficult to cure it because the air inside your home is not renewed. In this case, it is imperative to clean the air circulating in the rooms. To achieve this, it is not necessary to spend a fortune. It is enough to use the infusion of thyme for natural and effective disinfection.

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Its use consists in placing a few thyme leaves in a container full of hot water and leaving it for some time so that the steam can invade the room.

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