How to Remove Wall Paint from Skin

There are different ways to remove paint that has stuck on your skin. Painting your wall can be a messy task depending on what type of wall paint you are using. Paint indeed gives your walls a new life but you can end up with paint on your face, hair, hands, and legs.

Latex paint and oil-based paint are two different types of paint. Paints that are usually used for interior painting are water-based and other latex varieties and thankfully they can be cleaned off your skin easily. In order to remove paint from your skin, you will have recourse to either chemical removers like acetone and thinner or home-made remedies.

Scrub your skin
You can take raw sugar and mix it with lemon juice. You will get a grainy product. Exfoliate your skin by rubbing gently in a circular motion until the exfoliant breaks up the paint on your skin. In doing so, you will also be lifting up and removing dead skin.
Alternatively, you may choose to use some exfoliating products which you can easily find on any supermarket shelf.

Use Citrus Fruits
Lemons and oranges contain natural acid which makes it easy to dissolve paint on the skin. Squeeze some lemon or orange juice on your skin and rub until you can see the paint detaching from your skin.

Baby Oil
Baby oil is gentle on the skin and quickly dissolves paint. Pour baby oil over a cotton ball and rub on your skin. Clean from the outside to the inside. Do not wipe away instantly. Leave the oil to work for 1-3 minutes. The oil will moist the paint on your skin. Reapply a second time until the cotton ball has soaked up the paint. Now, use either another cotton ball or a piece of cloth and continue to rub your skin until both paint and oil are completely removed. The baby oil will have a hydrating effect on your skin, leaving it soft and nourished.
Alternatively, you can proceed in the same way by using kerosene which can be bought at gas stations.

Butter from your fridge
Yeah, you can use butter! This is a surprising household product, but it actually does the trick. If the paint has dried on your skin, soft butter will remove it. Apply butter on the parts of your body that need cleaning. The paint will start to loosen up, and you will just have to peel it off. The basic concept here is like baby oil. Butter similar to oil, will moist the paint and make it easy to remove the paint without leaving any skin rashes or irritation.

Complete with water & soap
After applying any of the above products, you will wash and rinse your skin with soapy water to get rid of any paint flakes or residue that may have remained. When all the residues would have fallen off, pat your skin dry and apply any hydrating cream you may have readily available at home.

So, these are the few tips that would help you during your house painting. Try them and see for yourself. And, remember to drop your comments!

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