Discover The Beauty of Spiral Staircases

Glass is one of the most used materials. Whether it is decorative accessories, crockery pieces, windows, doors, and ceilings, this material’s latest uses are floors in high-rise buildings. That’s intended to give visitors the feeling they are standing on nothing. The stair railing is one of the uses that has become popular in modern buildings, which have gone from the beautiful and very handmade staircases, in wrought iron, to the total transparency, simplicity, modernity of a glass railing. In this article, we will show you stairs, with this type of railing, so that you can see the possibilities of this material.

#1. In a white staircase, the railing does not seem to exist

Classic style corridors, foyers and staircases by Samara Barbosa Arquitetura Clásico

This is a house with white walls and ceilings. The staircase also shines with that neutral color, the railing placed on the free side, with the height that is needed and forming the necessary angles covers all its way up to the balcony on the second floor, no handrails, just the thick sheets of glass, forming it. 

#2. In contrast to wood and stone

by BRODA schody-dywanowe Modern

In this design, the wooden staircase is made up of steps that appear to be self-supporting elements; it can be metallic with wood covering. The glass railing is for protecting those who use it but making a strong contrast with its transparency. The wall is covered with dark gray stone and natural wood.

#3. Very modern design in black, white, transparency, and steel

Modern style hallways, foyers and staircases by Hasta architects Moderno

The railing of this black and white staircase was made with stainless steel tube, also covering the floor space in the stairwell—a modern design staircase with totally transparent protection.

#4. The always elegant wood, with vertical steel elements that support the glass railing

Modern style hallways, foyers and staircases by Hasta architects Moderno

A stair railing that has mixed the materials in a good design, the wooden steps on the lower beam that supports them, and the vertical elements in stainless steel fix the glass panels that make up the railing, very light. The handrail does not touch the glass; the steel also supports it.

#5. It is not just a railing; it is a dividing plan that encloses a garden and covers the staircase

Modern style dining rooms by Cadore Arquitetura Moderno

When you decide what to do under the stairs, a garden is something you can think about, as long as it has light to feed it. In this solution, under the staircase, a garden is closed by a glass partition that rises, forming the stair railing in this house.

#6. Between modern walls, with textures and intense color, the lightness of a railing that can hardly be seen

Modern style hallways, foyers and staircases by Studio Claudia Pimenta e Patricia Franco Decoração de Interiores Moderno

In this modern home design, the textured wall and the planter in brown contrast with the staircase’s whiteness and the transparency of the glass railing that without handrails fulfill its mission of protecting whoever uses it. In these cases, the glass’s thickness is a very important detail and possibly a safe one. 

#7. Concrete and glass with a coating that gives smoothness, to the finish of the staircase, with glass railing

Modern style rooms by Márcia Carvalhaes Arquitetura LTDA. Modern

The glass sheets form the staircase’s railing, which has the peculiarity of a landing almost starting to climb, to overcome a gap inside the house. There is no handrail outside if it is fixed to the wall at the height necessary for its use.

#8. A house with a wide staircase with glass railings

Eclectic style corridors, foyers and staircases by ANDRÉ PACHECO ARQUITETURA Eclectico

The transparency that this railing gives to the staircase’s space allows the integration with the rest of the house, of this access space to it, the white color of the steps and the walls makes this set a very clear and fresh area visually. Do you need help with your project? Contact the experts at Spiral Staircase Systems.! They provide high-quality products and solutions for all types of glass lamination projects.

#9. All glass, steps, and railings, this is transparency

Classic style hallways, foyers and staircases from Siller Classic Stairs

As if playing with support, this all-glass staircase, its steps, and railings seem to float, covering a considerable height between the floor and the house’s upper floor. It looks like a sculpture that is only there to be admired and not used commonly to climb and go down.

#10. In natural wood and glass, a straight staircase with an innovative design

Classic style hallways, foyers and staircases from Siller Classic Stairs

This straight single-section staircase has an interesting design. It is supported by a sheet of glass. The wooden steps are affirmed on the glass railings with wooden handrails, a whole new design and construction very light. 

#11. The white for modern is unmatched; in this staircase, this color shines

Classic style hallways, foyers and staircases from Siller Classic Stairs

With its lateral support beams and all-white steps, the solidity of this staircase looks very strong, that it occupies its own space that has been given around it. Still, the transparent glass railings overshadow the resilience, that is, the note of lightness in this design.

#12. But where’s the staircase? 

Classic style hallways, foyers and staircases from Siller Classic Stairs

This staircase, also with a lot of glass, is straight, and at the angle that the photo was taken, with its steps and glass railings, it seems that it is not there. Only a space with railings is appreciated at the entrance, and the steps are like a ramp that goes down with the glass glistening’s shine. 

What material do you prefer for the railings of your house? Is glass among your favorites?

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